Thursday, September 20, 2018, First Grade Notes

The first graders got a super report from their art teacher Mrs. Burdett.  

Today they worked on their self portraits.  We are always

impressed by the likeness of student self portraits.  


Scholastic book orders are due tomorrow.

Mid term comments went home today in the form of a

Whale of a Good Job compliment.

Permission slips:

Cider Press Orchard permission slips are due on October 1st. 

I have received many responses already.   The outing costs $5, cash, 

due Oct. 1st.  Four families have offered to chaperone the cherubs.  Thank you!

That will be plenty of seats.  Do let me know if you have a change

of plans by Oct. 1st.

Otherwise, we'll be glad to have you.   A few more families will be

responding soon as well.  

Wardrobe update:  The kids look nice and comfortable in their school uniforms.  

Solid color socks M - Th

Solid sweater or sweat shirt for inside M - Th

Thank you!


No Library on Friday, September 28th ( Colonial Day) 

Blessings!   Mrs. Riendeau   🌻


Wednesday, September 19, 2018, First Grade Notes

Hello, what fabulous weather we are having!  The children are enjoying their outdoor play time.    

Today, the first graders have math homework.   It says due on Thursday, but you can pass it in on Friday if needed. 

Photo day is next week on Tuesday.   I'll do a final check for turned collars and milk moustaches.  😊

Maybe I'll see you at the Parent Assembly in the cafeteria this evening which begins at 5:30 pm.

Blessings,  Mrs. Riendeau


Monday, September 17, 2018, First Grade Notes:

First Quarter Project:  Today a notice went home to inform families of a first quarter project.  It is an enjoyable opportunity for your child to

share some pictures, and tell about your family.  The project begins during the week of October 15th.  Check out the notice.  If you have any questions -contact me.

Blessings on your evening!  AnnMarie Riendeau

On a warm afternoon with some tired bodies, we had a rest or choice time.   Students were able to relax and be calm and cool.  Sometimes they like to be sprayed with cool water from a spritzer bottle.

Yours in Christ,
AnnMarie Riendeau, 1st Grade Teacher