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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Good Evening Families,

*Tomorrow is our apple orchard field trip.  🍎

Do send in outdoor boots or a change of shoes.

Layered clothing for cooler weather is a good idea.

Send in car seats.

*TCS Library tomorrow - books are due.

*Keene Public Library applications are due tomorrow - orange form. 

*All Family photo projects are due on Monday,October 7th.

* Casual Dress - allowed on Tuesday, October 8th.  😊

*Gr. 1 book bags can be sent in (for an exchange) on any day.

Have a great evening! 



24 September 2019

Greetings Dear Parents,

The first graders did some cooperative problem solving today in math class. 

It was great to see them work together to put the days of the week cards in order. 

I did not need to help them - Wow! 


We have our Library field trip tomorrow (1:15 - 2:40) - we are all set for drivers. 

Thank you chaperones.

Chapel tomorrow 10:45- First graders help. 

Ice cream social tomorrow - 6:30.  We hope to see you!  🍦

✳Great Report - the first graders got a good report in both Gym class and Music class today! 

Way to show the Fruits of the Spirit kids!  😊

Reading lesson books - Students are assigned to read their

Xerox book to someone each night to practice the skills.

Thank you!  👍

Mrs. Riendeau

September 19, 2019

Hello Parents,

Here are some updates:

*Tomorrow is Friday school library book return.

*Return Gr. 1 book bags after child enjoys the two books.

I will help child choose 2 more. 

*Friday is no longer casual dress day. 

It is school dress code.

*TCS dress code (plain colored)  sweaters or sweatshirts

are allowed in the classroom.  The days are getting cooler.

Maybe you'd like for your child to leave one in their locker. 

*School Store is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:10 to 8:28. 

Some children need help from home with their feelings about school store.

I support all family perspectives.   Kiddos can accept their family's plan.  


* Money at school- The students are very kind and caring to each other,

and want to share their money for store and bake sale. 

I let them know that they are kind, but shouldn't share $

because someone will be left out, and someone might

get food or items that parents do not support.


😁Congratulations to the first graders! 


They got good reports in both Gym and Art today! 


*Do sign those Kid Sight permission slips- this is a great (free) opportunity! 


Enjoy this beautiful evening- A gift from God! 



Thursday, September 12, 2019

Hello First Grade Families,

In support of our first 5 day week,

I've been planning in more breaks and movement time. 

We had been doing well until today.

The kids had trouble with listening today.

They were popping like popcorn.  🍿


I will chat with each child tomorrow on the details.

It is important that they understand how they can improve. 

I think their enthusiasm and friendships are great,

but we will work on a balance with focus and following directions.


We did accomplish some special lessons today despite the interruptions.

For a few examples, we made mushrooms with clay,

and enjoyed an experiment with an air blowing machine. 


Onward and upward tomorrow. 😇

Blessings, AnnMarie

1st Grade Teacher


August 14, 2019


Dear First Grade Families,

I hope and pray you are having a great summer!

God's beauty and bounty are all around us.

I look forward to hearing  the children share their stories of summer.


As you already know, on Thursday, August 22nd,

we will host an open house for first grade.   We will meet in the

chapel at 6 pm with introductions and some updates.

Then, I will see you back in the classroom for a brief welcome presentation

(with important information & handouts) and some fellowship.  😊


Do let your child know that the toy corner will not be open that evening.

I will be explaining toy time when we are in school.


The classroom is coming together!

On Thursday, students might enjoy looking for their name in different locations.

They should try out their  desk and chair.

On August 22nd, (before you leave) I recommend

you take your child for a walk from the back door

to their locker to help them to feel comfortable when school starts.


For the first day of school, you may come in with your child,

take a photo, and get them situated.


Feel free to drop off their supplies on the 22nd if you'd like.

Putting your child's name on everything helps a lot.


I am excited about the school year with this delightful group of students,

and awesome parents!   I will see you on the 22nd!


God bless your weekend and the rest of the summer!

*Don't forget a stuffy toy for the back to school bear theme.


In His Service,

AnnMarie Riendeau

May 9, 2019


Hello First Grade Families,


We have a field trip tomorrow to Hooper Institute.

Drop off car seats in the morning.

Thank you chaperones from these families - Francis, Parker, and Ruczko.

We will see you tomorrow morning at 8:55 am.

Let's load up the kiddos by 9:00 am.

We are headed to Prospect Hill Rd. in Walpole, NH.

We will need your help at the various tool centers.


Cereal Commercials:  Wow!  I would buy the

wonderful cereal products that the students

invented and advertised.  They all used their

enthusiastic, selling voice, and offered some

great benefits!

Great job everyone on the fourth quarter project!


Science:  Parents ask your students what is digestion?

Today we talked about God's design for digesting food.

The students did an experiment with munching food into mush.

They used a baggie, water, and a set of model teeth.


Have a blessed evening, AnnMarie


April 30, 2019

Good Afternoon, First Grade Families.

Please read these few updates:

First Grade wrote letters to Mayor Kendall Lane and invited the Mayor to our school.

He has accepted the invitation.

He will be here on May 13th to meet the first graders.

We are very, very excited!

The first graders wrote a class book called Down By The Bay.

They sang the story song to Gr. K students.

Wow, it is almost May!  The blossoms and green buds are lovely.

There will be a sub in first grade tomorrow, Wednesday, May 1st.

Mrs. Francis will be with the children. I am sure they will show their best , helpful effort for her.

Thank you Mrs. Francis! I will be at the Lebanon hospital to support my son and his family.

Thank you for your prayers and support at this time.

I can feel God's peace and hope for the situation to bring God glory.

Notes: Car seats on Friday for the Langdon Place field trip.

Students should wear something a little dessy for their program.

The Hooper field trip form went home yesterday. It is due on May 6th with $5.00 cash.

Cereal Commercial boxes are due on Monday, May 6th.  No other share that week.

The Scholastic book orders are due on May 13th. This is the final order for the year.

Thank you!

I should be back on Thursday.

Happy May Day!

In God's service,


Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 11:35 AM

Working with Maps

Today students worked with maps.  They  heard a story about map symbols.

They worked in teams.  Each team made a map of TCS. 

It was amazing to watch them problem solve the space and collaborate with ideas.

They decided on a word bank needed for labeling their maps. 

Great job first graders! 


*Xerox books go home most days for home reading.  Add to your monthly reading log.

* Cereal Box commercials are due on May 6th.   No regular share that week. 

* Langdon place permission slips are due on April 29th .  I will contact chaperones.

God's Blessings, 

AnnMarie Riendeau.


April 12, 2019

Dear Families,  Have a restful weekend.

Our math lesson on Thursday was about using a calculator. 

The students used the addition and subtraction function. 

Notes: Thank you for the Lenten Cookie donations. 

An hour of parent volunteer time was submitted for your

family for each dozen.

The Lutheran Church congregation says , "Thank you very much!"

April 18th - Noon Dismissal

April 19th - No School

Have a blessed Easter!  Our Lord has won the victory for us!  

AnnMarie Riendeau

February 14, 2019

Greetings Beloved Parents & Guardians of Trinity's 1st Graders,

The students enjoyed their party. ❤

Grade 1 Notes:

Scholastic book orders are due tomorrow, Feb. 15th.

Tropical Day tomorrow - kids wear bright (sunny clothing).  🌴🏖

Reading: Students should be reading to an adult for 20 minutes - 5 times per week.  

Have students re-tell some of the story as well.  Keep reading fun and positive.  😊

Let me know if you need more reading materials.

Mid-term notes:  I will send home a mid-term note for each child tomorrow. 

The Robot projects are due on Monday the 18th.  No regular share.  

Happy Valentine's Day!

In Christ,   AnnMarie Riendeau, 1st Grade Teacher

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Yay the field trip is tomorrow! 

Here are some reminders for our trip.

We leave at 8:45 sharp.

Drop off car seats in the morning.

Gr. 1 will eat a snack in the classroom before we leave.  

Do pack a disposable  bag lunch and beverage.

If chaperones are willing- the group that you drive is the

group you stay with (no more than 3 students) at the museum,

and guide to the stations.  The teachers will circulate and give

student support and breaks to adults .   

We will all head to the lunch break room around 11:40. 

Pray with your group and enjoy your lunch break and fellowship.  

Other Notes: 

*There will be no math homework during spirit week.

*We' re invited and encouraged to attend this

Sunday's worship service at Trinity Lutheran Church

January 27th.  It starts at 10:30. 

Children sit with their parents. 

They will be called forward to sing 3 songs. 

I look forward to seeing you there. 😊  

We will see you tomorrow. 

God bless your evening! 

AnnMarie Riendeau, 1st Grade Teacher

January 18, 2019

Dear Families,

Have a nice long weekend.  We will see the kids on Wednesday.  

Today, we sent an informational note home about the Friday,

January 25, 
2019 8:30 am – 3:00 pm Montshire Museum,

Vermont, Life and Earth Science field trip; we need drivers

It will help you to prepare your child for a successful participation.

Be safe in the snow! 


AnnMarie Riendeau, 1st Grade Teacher 



January 17, 2019, Trinity Christian School -

1st Grade Project

Third quarter (home) project: 


It is time to begin the recycle robot projects.


Save some boxes, bins, bottles, and

cans to construct a fun robot.


It does not need batteries or welding. 


It can be kid-powered, and put together with wires or duct tape.


It is due on February 18th.


There will be no regular share on that week as kids will be showing their robots.


In class, students will write a story about their robot and make an illustration.

The educational emphasis of this project is ...


science-simple machines and technology, social- presenting / inventing,

and environment- recycling and reusing.


There is a notice on your child's folder with more information.


Enjoy the sunshine.  🌞

Ann Marie Riendeau

Monday, January 14, 2019

Hello Parents,  

Today the report cards went home.  Do sign the original and keep the copy. 

Return the original in the yellow envelope by this Friday.   Let me know if you have any questions.  Have a wonderful evening.  

In His service,

* Silent Auction:  We have a month before the Silent Auction. 
Our basket theme is baby and nursery
I look forward to contributing to a "baby basket" with you. 
Send in items whenever you'd like. 
Thank you!

December 11, 2018

Good Evening First Grade Families, 

Here is a fun geography project: 

Introducing Flat Stanley:  We will be reading the chapter

book about a character named Flat Stanley.  

Flat stanley is able to be folded and sent in an envelope

because he is flat.  

Friday of this week your child will bring home a notice

about Flat Stanley's opportunity to travel in the mail to

a family friend or relative in another state in the USA.  

Fill out the form with an address in another state. 

Your first grader will write a letter with Stanley enclosed.  

The recipients will be able to show Stanley sight seeing

in another State, He will be sent back to us with 

information about another place.  We will mark our

USA map and learn about other states.  

We can also give my school e-mail address if recipients

want to send their messages and photos on-line.  

Thank  you for your participation. 

We will begin the project in the new year.  

Other Notes: 

*Tomorrow is the last day to contribute Advent cookies for the Lutheran church. Thank you! 

*Tomorrow the first graders will present a program during chapel at 10:45.

*Thursday, December 19th is the 1st - 8th grades Christmas program.  

Arrive in the classroom by 6:15 with comfortable clothes,

having had dinner and potty breaks.  

Remind kiddos to keep their hands at their sides or clasped

in front of them.  

* Next week - no regular share- we will do the weather

  reports that students have finished in class.  

Thank you!   

Blessings on your evening. 

AnnMarie Riendeau  ⛄🎄❄

November 2, 2018

Dear Parents,

The first graders read their Run Turkey stories to the 5th graders.  

They will also be reading them to the kindergarten

class later today.  Nice job first graders! 

Gr. 1 Parents: 

Do return yellow envelopes for future correspondence.

Do return the Gr. 1 book bags with the 2 books for an exchange.

Use these books for your monthly reading log.  


Thank you to our parents  who have served and sacrificed for our country.  

Have a nice weekend.

I will look forward to seeing the students on Tuesday.  

God's Peace,

Mrs. Riendeau