Hi my Name is Patty Cobb, and I am blessed to teach Kindergarten at TCS.

My love for teaching began when I was in Kindergarten, where I fell in love with the supply closet, caught fire on picture day, and learned to sing Beautiful Savior.   After that I would trap any child I could find to play school with me.

I attended Keene State College and Concordia College in Bronxville NY.  I majored in Education and minored in Social Studies.  I began teaching in St. Louis where I taught a combined class of first and 2nd graders.  After that, I taught Preschool for 16 years, art K-8 for 13 years, and last but not least,  Kindergarten for 7 years.  I have taught in 5 different schools and 4 different states.

According to Piaget, the well-known developmental psychologist, Kindergarteners are entering the phase of “concrete operations” in which they begin to engage in reason and logic.   They enjoy exercising these new mental muscles.  Their imaginations are blooming and they are becoming less egocentric and more able to form meaningful relationships with others.  What a perfect time to fuel their joy of learning!

It is my privilege to set the table for hungry hearts and minds.  My chief goal is to provide a loving Christ centered learning environment where each child can grow in confidence, knowledge, skill and most importantly their relationship with Jesus.  I have come to realize that teaching is amazing, rewarding, joyous, challenging, never ever boring and sometimes, so beautiful it takes your breath away.

Yours in Christ,
Patty Cobb, Kindergarten Teacher   pcobb@tcskeene.com