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December 10, 2018

Hello Parents!

As we approach the break for the holidays, the 5th and 6th grades

will be hard at work.  As we approach the holidays, it’s going to be 

more and more difficult to keep them on track.  I had them fill in their

planners with all of this information, but I think it’s necessary to give

you a short synopsis of what’s going on in our classroom.

We are wrapping up our study of the colonial powers in North America,

which means there will be a test next week.  We will have a quiz

on chapter 3, lesson 4 (French and Dutch settlements) on Wednesday;

at that time I will hand out a study guide, which they will complete in

class AND at home. I give them what to study on that study guide,

so if they work hard on filling out that study guide they will likely do

very well on the test.

The test is on Tuesday, December 18th (the study guide is due that

day and is a homework grade).

In language arts, we are wrapping up our study of The Sign of the Beaver,

practicing our spelling, and working on vocabulary.  Most of our work

with the novel is done in class; however, I expect students to be

preparing for spelling and vocabulary at home.  Quizlet is up and

available if your student finds that helpful. 

So, in summary:

12/13: Social studies quiz, Ch. 3, Lesson 4

               Spanish Test on using the verbs “to be” and “to be” (Please,

               ask your student what the differences are.)   They’ll recognize

                and use the word bank we developed on the Board today,

                Monday.   It will not be an easy test, so they should

                continue practicing with their flash cards and the Monday

                notes they created.   

                ¡Vaya Con Dios!   Señor Evensen

12/14: Vocabulary test, Unit 5

12/15: Spelling test (all students who got more

than two wrong on the pretest are required to

complete the study/homework packet)

12/18: Social studies test: Chapter 3 + study guide

Once this is all wrapped up, I have some fun  (and educational, shhhh)

activities for them to do in the last few days before break. 

Thank you!

Mrs. Grant

Friday, November 30, 2018

Hello, Middle School Parents!

Clue Night is coming! Next Friday, December 7th, the middle school

families will assemble in the cafeteria at 5:30PM for a potluck dinner

and a rousing, active game of Clue. Or will it be Clue this year?

You need to come to find out!


This event is meant to be a fun, relationship-building event.

No volunteer time necessary; just bring a main dish or appetizer

to share (dessert will be provided) and enjoy the evening!

Please RSVP as soon as possible using this link:

https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508054bafab2ea3fc1-clue .

We can’t wait to see you!

Mrs. Grant, Ms. Martin, and Mrs. Sproul

Hello everyone!

Happy snow day! I am sending this FYI email and

to please have your student read this email,

so they are informed of schedule updates and

changes due to the snow day.

First, we had a test on ancient Egypt scheduled for today.

That will now take place on Monday, November 26.

We had a full day of review yesterday, and all students

should have brought their study guides home with

them last night.  Just have them read through their

study guide sometime this weekend, so they come

to school ready to take the test.

Second, I handed out copies of The Giver to all students

three weeks ago.  They were asked to read the entire novel

by Monday, 11/26.  They’ll take the short quiz on the first

several chapters on Monday (after the social studies test),

so please make sure your student is reading (or reviewing)

the novel and has it finished by Monday.

Last, we will wrap up our narrative writing unit

concurrently with the beginning of our novel study.

I will do a mini-lesson on writing dialogue Monday,

then second drafts will be due later during the week.

All students will be expected to finish their narrative

writing stories as homework starting mid-week next week.

Expect to see this come home with them, we will not have

classtime for writing the second and final drafts.

I will be conferencing with students as always,

but look for due dates to come home next week.

In addition, Mr. Evensen has postponed their Spanish

Test to 1st Period Tuesday morning.

Thank you for the privilege of teaching your kids!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Grant

November 15, 2018

Hello Parents!


A few thoughts and reminders as we head into Thanksgiving:

It is such a blessing to teach and mentor your kids.

Sometimes, especially at this age, it’s difficult to

recognize the blessings your kids are.


They are funny, kind, and sweet, and they are working hard on

growing their brains.  Sure, sometimes they have bad days,

but overall they are all amazing kids.  Thank you for sharing

them with me!

The kids have a vocabulary test (Unit 4) on Tuesday, November 20.

Please continue to check their planners; I am continuing my

mission to teach them to actually USE them (candy has

been issued as a bribe incentive), and it would be helpful

if you could keep asking for them.   Ask them when the next

Social Studies quiz is.  Give them a hug if they tell you it’s

tomorrow (or candy, no judgement!)

I have heard through the grapevine that there is

Spanish homework for today; they needed to write

10 sentences using vocabulary words from this week’s words.

I am handing out copies of the novel “Sign of the Beaver”

after Thanksgiving break. There will be regular reading

homework associated with this book. If you would like

your student to get a head start on reading the book,

please let me know.   I will give him or her a copy on

Monday along with an extended reading schedule.

If you are interested in purchasing books for your

kids for Christmas through Scholastic, please use this link:

https://orders.scholastic.com/Q9J2T .

I will be submitting the order at the end of the day

on Monday, November 19.   They will arrive in time

for Christmas gift giving.

If there is a cancellation or delay of school due to

snow, please check WMUR.   There will also be a

parent alert text sent, usually by 7AM.   ‘Tis the season!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns

about your student, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a delightful Thanksgiving break!

Mrs. Grant

Hello families!

A quick update for you.

Parent/Teacher conferences are this Thursday and Friday, so there is no school.

The Student Council is hosting a harvest party on Thursday,

November 1, right before dismissal.   We will be eating fall snacks

and watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”

Some students have signed up to bring a snack; I will email

you tonight if your student “volunteered” you for a snack

(because we all know where those snacks really come from).

Feel free to say no.  There will be plenty of food.

The students are welcome to come dressed in a friendly,

non-scary costume.  If they choose not to dress up,

it is dress down day that day.

Students did an excellent job on our social studies test

review today.  The test is tomorrow morning.  Please make

sure your student has a little while to review his/her study guide tonight.

We have a comprehensive vocabulary test coming up next

Tuesday, November 6th.  This will cover the last three units of words,

so please make sure they have time over their short break to play Quizlet.

We are reviewing the words daily in class, but the Quizlet review is very important.

I am continuing to make sure students are updating their planners

on a regular basis. Please remind students to check their planners

for homework and upcoming tests/quizzes.

Thank you!

Mrs. Grant