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Admissions Application Process


The enrolling process ensures your student has a  successful beginning.

The process involves the following steps:



Step 1 – Visit the School and Learn More about Trinity


Call the school office at (603) 352-9403 and request a school tour,


or e-mail to schedule a tour.






Step 2 – Application & Registration

Complete the registration form and send it to the office.


Click here to download the Enrollment Application Form.

Include a copy of the student’s birth certificate with the registration

Pay the non-refundable Registration fee of $150 for Preschool or $100 for K-8

Complete a Student Records Request in the Office



Step 3 – Tuition Arrangements



We use SMART Tuition to manage our payment plans


If you choose to pay monthly, you will need to sign up


with SMART Tuition Services.




Click here to sign up for a SMART Tuition payment plan.

If you need request a scholarship or tuition assistance,



please fill out scholarship request below.


Click here to begin filling out a financial aid request.


Step 4 – Student Assessment

Each student entering Kindergarten though First Grade take the Brigance Screen.

Each student entering Second Grade through Eighth Grade will be administered The kaufman test of educational abilities (KTEA).


We do not perform an assessment for students entering Preschool.



Step 5 – Notification of Admission


Once you have completed Steps 1 & 2, the Trinity admissions office will notify you with the final decision. 


 Step 6 – Health Examination & Immunization Record

A health examination and immunization record are required prior to the student’s first day of class.




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