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April 13, 2020


Happy Easter Monday Families, 


God gave us an extended weekend for heart, mind and body rest.

How are my dear, students?   I prayed for special celebrations with family.

Attached are the week's lesson plans with a newsletter. 

Let's take our time with See Saw.  We are all learning. 

No lessons have been posted yet. 


For now we are helpng each other to get registered. 

Let me know if you got an invitation, or not.

I will be sending Zoom invitations soon. 

Please pray for on-line services to go smoothly. 

Enjoy your day.  God is supplying our need for water with the abundant spring rain.  🌦

I look forward to this week together.   Thank you for all of the effort and support. 


Let's keep in touch.

God Bless you! 


12 December 2019

Dear Families,

The pilgrim presentation went very well. 

The students worked hard on their lines,

and used clear voices to present their parts. 

We are very proud of them. 

Notes: Thank you for the cookies from our

Lutheran church Wednesday night Advent Worship attendees. 


You made their celebration extra special by your caring.


Veterans Thank You - The first graders sent cards of caring to the Veteran's Home in NH.


The facility sent a thank you for the students caring about them. 


Scholastic book orders are due tomorrow.  I am hoping the order will be back by Christmas break. 


Wow!  The students earned 8 cookie circles in ART class for on-going good effort and behavior.

We celebrated with a real cookie! 

Weather reports:

The students presented their 5 day weather reports with gusto! 

I think we have some budding meteorologists. 


Have a blessed evening! 


December 5, 2019

Dear Families, 

Here are some updates.

*Advent cookies are due Monday, Tuesday. and Wednesday. 

Thank you for sharing and caring. 

1 hour of parent volunteer time will be given for each dozen. 


*No share next week. Students will be presenting their weather reports.

They made their posters in class.

The home assignments is for your child to see or hear

a weather report on a device, radio  or TV.   Thank you!


*Christmas program clothing will be dressy Christmas attire. 

Do make sure your child is comfortable in the clothing.


*New Year request:

All the students could use a new package of markers. 

Consider sending your child in with a new set for the New Year. 

Thank you.  They just don't make things like they used to.


*December 18th - The first graders will present a Pilgrim program

during chapel. 

Come and see the cuteness!  10:45 am in the church sanctuary


* Snow clothes -  Thank you for sending in snow clothes for

the students.  They are delighted to play in the snow at recess. 

Thank you for drying it out at night and sending it back. 

Do help our children remember their inside shoes or sneakers. 

Thank you very much! 


* Reading packet:  A reading packet went home today. 

The one page stories are examples of the Oral Reading Fluency

prompts that are part of the reading assessments. 

Keep them for an extended opportunity to practice reading at home,

and to prepare for the assessments.

The assessments will be a story they have not seen. 

Have a restful and safe weekend. 

God's blessings,  AnnMarie ?


Dear New-Student Parents and Guardians,

Our Gr. 1 - 8 Christmas program is at 6:30 on December 18th

in the church sanctuary.   Maybe your family would like to attend.

Our class schedule looks like this:

Students are usually seated by 8:25 am.  Students begin arriving at 8:10. 



Sometimes a new school parent might want to stay for a bit and

watch their child get acclimated.  That is always fine. 

Students bring full snow clothes for outdoor play during the

11:30 - 12:00 recess. 

Each child brings a large snow clothes bag for wet items.

Parents provide for 2 snacks, and a lunch time each day. 

Friday is pizza order day (see our office person for the order forms)

and bake sale treats day (all treats are 50 cents).

1 Wednesday most months, students may order something

called "Breakfast for Lunch" - hot lunch. 

(Some parents buy the lunch and join their children in the cafeteria.)

I don't want to overwhelm you with too much information,

but I want to let you know what our children do during their days. 

We will get you caught up in no time.  ?

Thank you!  AnnMarie