The academic program of Trinity Christian School enables students to achieve their full capabilities. Recognizing that each child has unique, God-given talents, the curriculum is designed to nurture each child’s spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social development.

Trinity Christian School offers a full, academic program and features a best-practices approach to the core structures of education. Our program is accredited and well respected in the community. Our students have experienced success in all the major Public and Private high schools that surround our school. This is a great place for students to become actively engaged in a lifetime of learning.


Early Childhood


Trinity Christian School ec_teacheroffers a creative, academic, and exciting Early Childhood Program for children Age 3 – Pre-Kindergarten. In our classrooms you will find a clean, safe, supportive and caring environment. Our dedicated staff is nurturing to the academic, spiritual and emotional needs of each child.

Our Early Childhood program features a balanced education approach that leads to Academic excellence. We challenge each student by giving them a great variety of academic experiences. From field trips, to our Barn Dance, to Science, art, and mathematics, our curriculum engages our students to open their eyes to the wonders of learning.

Our Early Childhood staff share Christ’s words and love as they care for each child. Teachers model Jesus and teach His Truth through planned Bible lessons, and relationships whith the children. We educate the hearts as well as the minds of our children as they are immersed in our Culture of Grace.






The elementary program at TCS includes grades 1-4. A large component of the elementary curriculum is God’s Word, the Bible. Students learn to know their God and Savior Jesus, through His Word. They are drawn into a relationship to Him by understanding God’s great love for them and using His Word as a guide for their lives.

At the elementary level children are taught the foundations of their future academic success. Expanding on the solid foundation of phonetics established in the early childhood years, TCS elementary students develop their reading fluency and comprehension abilities. We pride ourselves in teaching children more than reading techniques. We teach children to love to read.

A rigorous course of Mathematics is prominent in the elementary years. TCS students learn the concrete skills and concepts necessary for success in higher level math. Basic skills like learning the times tables are emphasized, and higher level thinking skills are built upon these basics. Social Studies and Science curriculum expand each student’s awareness and appreciation of the world and the people around them.

Middle School


Middle School at TCS encompasses grades 5-8. In these grades students continue their study of God’s Word, the Bible. Through discussion, application and real world activities, this Word comes alive in their lives and the relationship with their God blossoms andmatures.

Language arts in Middle School consists of an expanded ability based reading and comprehension, program. A solid course of English grammar supports an expanding creative writing focus. Ability placement in middle school math enables students to excel at their level. A rigorous program of Science from the perspective of a Christian world view prepares students for High School and beyond. Project based US and World History enables students to not only learn, but experience the lessons of the past.

Middle School is a time of High School preparedness. Technology integration is consistent throughout the department. Students learn with tablets, laptops, desktops, and smartphones. TCS is a Google Doc’s school. Middle School students complete assignments, create projects, and communicate with each other and the staff, in the cloud-based, environment. TCS students are fully prepared for an academic future in a public high school, Christian high school, or a home school environment.