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October 25, 2018

Hey Kinder parents,

We are off to the fire station tomorrow! 

Please send in car seats if you are not driving. 

If you are driving, please come at 9:30 to get car seats squared away. 

We will leave at 9:40.  Please bring change for parking meters.

Please know we LOVE to go outside!
Make sure your children have layers, warm coats, gloves or mittens and hats. 

It’s always better to send too many warm things than not enough. T

he wind has been very nippy this week!

See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Cobb

(don’t forget…. stuffy, bake sale, and pizza day)

Dear Kinder parents,

Tomorrow, we will try to have some “outside” school time!

Please send your child in long pants and sneakers.

Friday is also:

` Stuffy Day

` Pizza Day

` Book orders due

`Suhas share

In Kindergarten we have a new volunteer, Mrs. Summerville!

She comes most days and will help during center time.

She played learning games with your children this week and

helped them make patterns. We are very blessed to have her.

Mrs. Summerville is a retired teacher and a blessing to us all.

In His love,

Mrs. Cobb

Dear Kinder Parents,

We had a great time at East Hill Farm!   Thank you chaperones, we could not have gone without you!  Please share any farm pictures with me.

Wednesday is the first day of paid popcorn!   Last week your child received a free bag to see if they liked it.  If you want your child to receive popcorn every Wednesday, please send in $3 for 6 weeks or $17 for the whole year.   As usual, please put the money in a baggie or envelope with your child’s name. 

All the money raised goes towards purchasing new books for the library and that’s a good thing!

Today we released monarch butterfly #6!!!!!

Please have your children read the little books they bring home, putting their finger under each word as they read.  The squirrel book from our Scholastic magazine is especially good!   It will come home Thursday.

This Friday, your child is welcome to dress up for Colonial Day.   We have lots of great activities planned for that day. 

Friday is also “stuffy” day, bake sale day, pizza day.. OH MY!

In His love,
Mrs. Cobb