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Ms. Sproul

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Ms. Grant

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Ms. Hartman


Hello parents!

A happy, blessed Easter to you and your family.   I pray that you are all healthy!

Attached are the 5th and 6th grade schedules & checklists for the upcoming week.

(I’m sending these today rather than Sunday due to the holiday).


I also have a few updates for you:


  • Quarter 3 report cards were emailed to all middle school  families on Wednesday.

    Please let us know if you did not receive yours.


  • Weekly schedules will be posted and emailed no later than 6PM on Sundays for the upcoming week.

    Schedules are ALWAYS posted on Google Classroom as well

    (generally in the Language Arts Classroom).

  • Students are expected to participate in Zoom meetings as scheduled.

    This important learning time is the equivalent of a class period.

    We need to communicate important concepts and information,

    and they need to attend.

  • I will be scheduling 1:1 meetings via Zoom with all students next week.

    This is for me to talk to them about how things are going,

    and to give them some encouragement.

  • Please be aware that your students are chatting with each other

     via Google Hangouts and in Zoom chat.  

    We will be shutting down the chats in Zoom moving forward,

    but we do not wish to shut down Hangouts at this time

    (they use it to communicate with teachers).  

    Please remind your student that messaging over a chat is not at all

    like speaking to someone in person; a lot of messages are misunderstood,

    and I am encouraging the kids to talk it out — like over the phone 
    — when issues arise.

    Be sure to reach out to us if there are any issues or concerns.

That is all for now!

Mrs. Grant, Middle School Homeroom Teacher and Referee